Keeping Your AC Properly Maintained in Catalina Foothills

It’s probably easy for homeowners to believe that keeping their air conditioner maintained will help ensure a comfortably cool home while also preventing unwanted repairs. However, do you know what the best thing is to do when taking care of your AC?

One valuable piece of advice we give when it comes to AC maintenance is to always keep it clean.

The simple act of changing the air filters goes a long way toward reducing dirt and dust build-up; your unit will maintain proper air flow which contributes to comfortable cooling and good indoor air quality. It’s easy for air conditioners to catch large amounts of dust and dirt in a place like Southern Arizona. Homeowners should also make sure the outside AC unit is always free to debris like grass or falling leaves.

We advise that newer air conditioners should undergo yearly maintenance checks from a trained technician and older models should have a biannual inspection.

Keep in mind that AC companies provide maintenance checklists that can widely vary from business to business. However, every AC check-up should include at least these items:

· Test the compressor to make sure it is operating smoothly
· Clean the evaporator and condenser coil.
· Check condensate drain.
· Inspect start/run capacitors.
· Adjust and clean blower components.
· Check refrigerant level.
· Assess equipment condition.

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