Beating Record Breaking Heat In Arizona

Summer temperatures are soaring higher than ever before and it is a situation that many people were not prepared to deal with. While the ambiance outside may be simply intolerable, being able to escape to much cooler indoor temps is a welcome reprieve. Having a properly operating air conditioning system is an important part of beating record-breaking heat in Arizona.

For many people living in zones that are prone to high summer temperatures, their air conditioning unit is one of the most important parts of their home. It is responsible for the huge task of keeping the interior space cooled to a comfortable level for all who enter it. When the system is required to work extra hard in order to meet this goal, it can create a lot of strain on the components, which may lead to the onset of certain issues that require the attention of a professional.

When the AC is having to compete with extreme external factors, it can be forced to pull extra energy, which can create additional stress on the individual components. The harder it has to work to cool the interior rooms, the higher the risk of a breakdown. Doing preventive maintenance can help lower the chances that something may go wrong and require major repairs.

For the best results, it is strongly recommended that homeowners have their units serviced by a professional air conditioning technician at least once a year. Optimally, this action should be performed prior to the onset of the warmer months so that any preparations or maintenance can be done in a timely fashion. The cost of taking this cursory step is generally much more affordable than doing major repairs when it breaks or replacing the entire system.

When the technician comes out, they will be able to do a thorough examination of the complete system. This may include such tasks as examining the exterior unit and making sure no coils or elements need to be replaced and verifying that the fans, blowers, and thermostat are working as intended. Some maintenance plans even include servicing of the vents and ductwork.

A qualified service technician can also perform tests to verify that the current unit is sufficient enough for the space it is required to attend. Over time, some systems can become outdated and fail to generate adequate power to perform the necessary duties. In these situations, the provider will be able to recommend a suitable product of appropriate size.

In the time between inspections, homeowners can perform certain maintenance on their units to minimize blockages that have the potential to cause real damage. Vents should be regularly checked for dust and dirt, and filters should be cleaned or replaced every six months for optimum flow and air quality. Keeping grass, brush, and debris away from the outdoor unit can also prevent potential issues.

The high temperatures of summer can not only be tough on people but on a home’s cooling system as well. Proper maintenance is a huge part of keeping the unit ready to handle such a challenge in the most efficient way possible. It can also help save on electric bills since it will optimize the power used to operate the product.

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