Whole Home Generator Maintenance

Generator technician changing spark plug.

Whole home generators, also called standby generators, require regular maintenance to make sure they continue to function properly.  

This generator connects to your home through your natural gas line or will use propane to run.  This saves you a trip to the gas station if the power goes out.

By following these maintenance guidelines you can ensure that your generator is always ready to go when and if your power goes out. 

  • You should make sure that it starts up once a week to make sure that the oil is lubricating the system correctly.
  • The oil level in your generator should be checked every 8 hours while its running.  During extended power outages, you should turn it off once a day, check the oil level and replenished if needed.
  • On a regular basis, check the air cleaner for debris, check the spark plugs for wear and tear, and examine all your other fluid levels. Spark plugs should be replaced after 2 years.  

Most of these maintenance tasks are simple; if you don’t want to be bothered with remembering to do them, contact ACS Air Conditioning Services we will worry about all the regular maintenance for you. You can call us at 520-230-5668 or request service online.

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