Choosing the Right AC Company in Arizona

September 7, 2017

We’re all looking for the best deal when it comes to air conditioning whether it be in AC installation, AC repair or AC maintenance in Tuscon. In Tucson, there are a lot of options for air conditioning companies. Many of those options, though, are real stinkers. They won’t provide you with the great service and…

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Are Expensive Air Filters Worth It?

June 10, 2017

A clogged, gunky air filter can cut your airflow down to a dribble. An air filter is a small thing, and decidedly not an exciting part of home improvement, but it keeps your entire HVAC system humming right along. A filthy filter can restrict airflow, preventing the system from working like it’s supposed to and…

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Reasons to Get an AC Check Up

May 15, 2017

You got your AC unit, all gleaming and new. You think that it will stay this way forever and leave it alone for too long. Then, suddenly, that air conditioning unit isn’t working as well as it did the first time. Leaving your AC unit uncared for is never a great idea so the ideal…

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5 Summer Prep Tips for AC

April 12, 2017

ACS Air Conditioning Services and our team of HVAC professionals is committed to serving the people of Tucson. If your home has an HVAC system, you know it has the potential to cost you a lot of money. There are simple, common-sense ways you can make sure your A/C will keep you and your family…

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Why Air Conditioner Repair in Tucson, Arizona Is Important

January 20, 2017

When someone spends a large part of their life in a cold climate area, it is not at all surprising that they find the idea of moving to a warmer state quite appealing. The fact that for the better part of the year, the sun shines warm and bright over AZ. Because the temperatures run a bit higher, it is a good idea for residents to know how to find quality air conditioner repair Tucson Arizona.

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Despite Great Hiking Weather, Don't Overlook The The Air Conditioner Repair Tucson Arizona Locals Trust

December 19, 2016

This is the perfect weather for hiking. For locals who are acclimated to the local seasons, the outdoor temperatures are not too hot and not too cold. Most consumers are hardly thinking of the services for air conditioner repair Tucson Arizona companies provide. This is definitely the ideal climate to live in after having spent long months trapped inside to escape the heat. Fortunately, there is a lot of great scenery to take in and a number of amazing benefits that you can gain by taking a regular, comfortable stroll.

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The Facts About Air Conditioner Repair Tucson Arizona

November 23, 2016

The weather in Arizona often begins to cool down during this time of the year, offering a welcome reprieve from the hot and dry summer weather. This year, however, the weather in and around Tucson has remained unseasonably warm during Fall months. It is important to think about cooler weather activities before they arrive. One of many items on the fall chore list is the air conditioner repair Tucson Arizona home and business owners require.

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Tropical Storms Causing Cooler Arizona Weather

October 19, 2016

Arizona is well known for its hot summers. Temperatures often exceed 100 degrees with some highs going into the 120s. However, it is a running joke among people from the region that it is a dry heat and therefore doesn’t affect the body the same way lower temperatures with higher humidity does. However, this is not currently the case as there are tropical storms causing cooler Arizona weather.

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Air Conditioner Repair Tucson Arizona Emergency HVAC Installation Tucson Arizona AC Install Repair Service Tucson Catalina Foothills HVAC Companies

September 30, 2016

September in Arizona in September is typically a slight downward trend in temperatures, both day time and night time. After the hot summer temperatures, these slightly lower days and nights are a welcome relief to residents. This year, the September patterns of cooling have been more rapid than in many past years. The homeowners who have been looking forward to lower utility bills are enthusiastic this year’s weather pattern.

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How To Beat Record Breaking June And July Heat In Arizona

August 18, 2016

For people who love the beauty and other advantages of desert living, there are some drawbacks which must also be considered. Daytime temperatures in a normal year can be hot enough to create newsworthy coverage, but 2016 has had record breaking June and July heat in Arizona. It is too late to plan ahead this year, but you may want to think about 2017 and how best to be prepared for the heat which residents may experience in the next high seasons.

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