Emergencies & Safety Precautions

HVAC Emergency Questions Answered

Emergency Services Available with ACS Air Conditioning Services in Tucson, ArizonaHome emergencies and safety precautions are always important topics. The more you know, the more chances there are to avoid catastrophe or even death. This page is dedicated to giving you the safety information you need if you are having issues with your heating or cooling unit and help you avoid the symptoms of a failure or other dangers. Please do not try to fix an issue that will endanger yourself or your family.

If You Are Seeing or Smelling Smoke, DIAL 911 Immediately. Alert the Fire Department to the Problem You Suspect and Ask That They SHUT OFF YOUR SYSTEM.

Below you will find some extremely important facts and some diagnostic tools. You’ll also find accessories that you can have installed that will save your life, home, and/or system should something unfortunate happen.

PLEASE consider these accessories for your home’s system. People we talk to about home safety accessories always say they had no idea you could get something like this for your home.

The following are some common HVAC problems and potential solutions:

Unit is not turning on or running:

If your thermostat has a display on it, is there any thing on it (such as the temperature)? If it’s blank, check your circuit breaker in your utility box to see if it is tripped or switched to “off.” It might look like it’s not all the way to the “on” position, just turn it all the way to “off” then back to “on” again if you are not sure.

Is the power switch on the thermostat turned to on? If not, turn it on.

Is the fan blowing or is there air coming out of the vents in the house? If not, follow the above resolution first. If yes, but there’s no cold air, then your unit may need to be reset. Where the electricity comes to your unit there should be another breaker there — reset it. IMPORTANT: only do this once! If the system pops again, there is a serious issue. CALL US.

DO NOT Try and Diagnose It From Here. Your System Could Start a Fire or Even Electrocute Anyone Close By.

Was there a power outage, brown out, or lightning strike? If yes, turn your thermostat power to the “off” position and then turn off your circuit breaker in the utility box for 10 minutes. Then turn back on.

If you smell a burning smell inside or out after turning your air conditioning unit on, TURN IT OFF IMMEDIATELY AND CALL US!

When turning on your heater, you will smell the unit burning the dust and oils off in the unit. It should dissipate after a few minutes.

After your cooling or heating unit starts, do you get frequent headaches or experience nausea? If you do, turn your unit off and have it tested for carbon monoxide (CO). Carbon monoxide is odorless and can cause serious life threatening illnesses that can result in death.

Remember this page is only recommended to help you with simple issues or suggestions. We are NOT suggesting that you try and fix your own HVAC unit(s). There is a lot of electricity related to these units. Improper use or repair can result in electrocution or death. DO NOT try and open a unit or take anything apart on your own.