The Best AC Unit for Tucson Weather

Ask anyone the first word that comes to mind when they hear “Arizona,” and it will most likely be “HOT.” Summers in Arizona are notorious for high temperatures. While Tucson rests at a higher elevation than its more famous neighbor Phoenix, it is still the desert and just as hot in the summertime.

With such extreme summer temperatures, a robust air conditioning system is a necessity

It’s more than a matter of comfort; it’s a matter of safety. That’s why the residents of Tucson have trusted their AC repair and installation needs to ACS for almost 30 years. The experts at ACS know how to find the best solution for a homeowner’s needs and know which units will stand up to the rigors of an Arizona summer.

The most common type of air conditioner used in all Arizona homes are split systems

A split system means that an outdoor unit processes the air then cycles the chilled air inside the home while indoor fans move the warmer air outside. While this is not a new design, many older units are installed on the roof of the home. These rooftop units pose a number of challenges: simple repairs become difficult when the technician has to access the roof, replacing or installing the unit often requires a crane rental, and who wants to work on a hot roof when it’s 120 degrees outside? By contrast, modern split systems offer vastly improved efficiency and accessibility. The outdoor unit is installed at ground level in the back or side yard of the property. The unit takes up less space, can be moved by two people, and can be accessed easily for repairs.

An additional benefit to a modern split system is efficiency. Energy savings are increasingly important in our Earth-conscious world, but a homeowner can’t just leave the air conditioning off in the middle of the summer in Tucson. Arizona homes are built for improved cooling efficiency, and the right air conditioning unit will have no trouble comfortably cooling the home while helping save money on monthly utility bills.

In order to get the most efficiency from your air conditioner while still keeping that summer heat at bay, it helps to have a trained and experienced HVAC specialist calculate the correctly sized unit for your home. The experts at ACS understand the unique requirements of desert weather and use only the most reliable and trusted products for Tucson air conditioners. New air conditioning products from companies like Trane ( offer the most up-to-date technology for efficiency and ease-of-use. Trane’s XL High-Efficiency air conditioners have industry-leading efficiency ratings while carrying the latest advances in airflow and cooling technology to keep your home as comfortable as you need during the long and hot Arizona summer.

ACS is Arizona’s leading Trane Comfort Specialist™ dealer, having served the Tucson area since 1990 and working with the latest innovations in residential and commercial heating and cooling systems. In addition to their extensive knowledge of the right HVAC products for the southern Arizona region, ACS has also worked to provide an improved and comprehensive customer service experience. ACS is a customer-oriented business, and their excellent track record of serving the Tucson area for almost 30 years is a testament to their dedication to providing the right product and the right service to every customer year-round. For more information on your new air conditioning system, or for any other residential or commercial installation and repair needs, visit!

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